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Hilarious Golf Gifts For Your Favorite Golfer!

Deluxe Golf Ball Assortment

This deluxe novelty golf ball assortment includes one each of:
The Phantom
The Exploder
and the Jetstreamer.

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Cloud Flite Exploder Exploding Golf Ball

The Exploder is a hilarious golf gag that looks like a regular golf ball, but it explodes on impact!

Includes four balls.

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Old Golfers Towel

According to this hilarious golfer's towel, Old golfers never die

... they just lose their balls.

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Naughty Golf Tease

Jazz up your golf game with these six naughty nude golf tees.

Now you should be able to keep your eye on that ball!

Each carded (More...)

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The Jetstreamer Golf Ball

Your golf partner will be surprised when he tries to hit this totally normal looking golf ball and fifteen feet of brightly colored ribbon shoots out!

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Headown Golf Tees

These naughty golf tees are the easy way to keep your head down.

Each boxed set includes three naughty novelty golf tees.

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Phantom Golf Ball

This amazing but totally normal looking golf ball will mysteriously vanish into a watery mist on impact.

Includes four golf balls.

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Mr. Giggleputt Golf Ball

This absolute crazy golf ball invention emits snickering, giggling and laughter.

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The Bullfrog

Be a hit at the golf course with our collectible Bullfrog head cover!

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The Maddening Unputtaball

The Madenning Unputtable "Unputtaball" is impossible To putt! This trick golf ball that refuses to ever travel in a straight line.


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Golf Ball Glass Crack

Apply this joke to any glass surface and watch the fun!!! People are shocked when they see the realistic looking three dimensional GLASS CRACK from a(More...)

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Golf Ball In Glass

After 18 holes,your favorite golfer will appreciate this great gag gift.

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Dad's going to love this! Our products are the zaniest golf items on the net.

Novelty Golf Balls

We've got exploding golf balls, wobbling golf balls, and boxed, novelty gift box golf balls and more.

Hilarious Golf Gags

Risque Naked Lady Golf Tees and Bottoms Up Golf Tees will help keep that innattentive golf lover's eye on the ball.

Funny Golf Towels

For hilarious golf towels you've come to the right place. Check them out right here.

Hilarious Head Covers

Hilarious Head Covers exist for your protection. You don't want to leave your driver out in the cold! I mean, you don't want to leave your putter hanging out... I mean, look, just click right here.

...And More

We've got even more than just novelty golf balls, golf tees, golf novelties, golf towels, golf clothing, and hilarious golf jokes... we've even got the ever classic box jokes. Don't know what a box joke is? Click here to find out!

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