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Mad Golfers Survival Kit

Want to buy a gift that will drive him mad? This great novelty is ideal for the guy or gal who loves to play golf.

Item # AU-0008

Price: $26.00


Golfer's Ball Washer

This golfer's ball washer is a hilarious play on words.

It purports to be a GOLF ball washer, but mysteriously is shaped like a jock strap!

Item # NL-0008

Price: $14.95


Golf Ball Glass Crack

Apply this joke to any glass surface and watch the fun!!! People are shocked when they see the realistic looking three dimensional GLASS CRACK from a distance.

Item # LF-0571

Price: $7.00


Golf Gift For A Real Swinger

Each novelty golf gift box contains the perfect treat for a real swinger

... Two new lucky balls! Of course!

Item # NL-0030

Price: $12.00


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